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Fall 2017 Early Registration Information

Backpack Opens Wed, Mar 22
Registration by appointment for selected graduate programs Mon, Mar 27 – Wed, Mar 29
Registration by appointment for undergraduate programs Thur, Mar 30 – Wed, Apr 12

Student responsibilities:
*   Adhere to all published deadlines (http://ro.umich.edu/calendar/).  If you register after the term starts, you will be assessed a late registration fee.
*   By registering, you assume full responsibility for any fees incurred. Please note that undergraduate students who have attained 55 or more CTP (credit towards program) will be assessed tuition at Upper Division tuition rates.
*   Check and print your schedule after making changes and before you leave Wolverine Access Backpack/Registration.
*   If you withdraw (drop all classes after a term has begun) you will be responsible for a registration/disenrollment fee regardless of the circumstances. There are times when students mistakenly enroll in a class/term. This situation does not relieve you of your responsibility for the fees.

If you require additional information regarding your appointment, you may contact a Student Services Representative at ro.registration.questions@umich.edu, or visit a Student Service site at 1207 LSA (647-3507) or B430 Pierpont Commons (763-7650).

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