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Spring/Summer 2005 Academic Calendar

Ann Arbor Campus

Registration (Full and Spring Half Terms)

May 2, Mon

Classes begin

May 3, Tues

Memorial Day ( Holiday )

May 30, Mon

Classes end (Spring Half Term)

June 20, Mon

Study Days

June 21-22, Tues-Wed


June 23-24, Thurs-Fri

Spring Half Term ends

June 24, Fri

Spring Grade Rosters due 2:00 pm

June 27, Mon

Registration (Summer Half Term)

June 28, Tues

Classes begin (Summer Half Term)

June 29, Wed

Independence Day ( Holiday Observed)

July 4, Mon

Classes end 5:00 p.m.

Aug 16, Tues

Study Day

Aug 17, Wed


Aug 18-19, Thurs-Fri

Grade Rosters due 2:00 pm

Aug 22, Mon

Full & Summer Half Terms end

Aug 19, Fri

Student Registration Deadlines for Spring/Summer 2005.

Dearborn Campus


Apr 28, Thurs

Classes begin

May 9, Mon

Flint Campus

Registration (Summer)

June 23, Thurs

Classes begin

June 27, Mon


*Students enrolling in Business, Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Social Work should check with their respective schools for academic calendar information, including registration.

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