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Spring/Summer 2008 Academic Calendar

Ann Arbor Campus

Registration (Full and Spring Half Terms)

Apr 28, Mon

Classes begin

Apr 29, Tues

Memorial Day ( Holiday )

May 26, Mon

Classes end (Spring Half Term)

June 16, Mon

Study Days

June 17-18, Tues-Wed


June 19-20, Thurs-Fri

Spring Half Term ends

June 20, Fri

Grades Due

72 Hours After Exam

Registration (Summer Half Term)

June 24, Tues

Classes begin (Summer Half Term)

June 25, Wed

Independence Day ( Holiday )

July 4, Fri

Classes end 5:00 p.m.

Aug 12, Tues

Study Day

Aug 13, Wed


Aug 14-15, Thurs-Fri

Grades Due (Full and Summer Half Terms)

72 Hours After Exam

Full & Summer Half Terms end

Aug 15, Fri

Religious Holidays and Academic Conflicts

Student Registration Deadlines for Spring/Summer 2008

Dearborn Campus


Apr 30, Weds

Classes begin

May 5, Mon.

Flint Campus

Registration (Summer)

Apr 29, Tues

Classes begin

May 5, Mon.


*Students enrolling in Business, Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Social Work should check with their respective schools for academic calendar information, including registration.

This calendar is subject to change.

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