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Examination Scoring, Placement Exams, and Surveys

Examination Scoring

The Office of the Registrar provides scantron scoring services for departments across campus using University of Michigan Scantron Forms. Our office supplies the blank forms, as well as quick processing for scoring and analysis services.

If you are a new user of the exam scoring service, please take a moment to review our General Tips, Guidelines, and Information About the Exam Scoring Service.

Examination Reports

The following reports are provided electronically for each exam. Examination reports can be requested to be sent to individuals other than the instructor using the Exam Scoring Request Form (PDF).

By default each question on an exam is worth one point with no deductions. Additional scoring options available include:

If non-standard scoring is requested, these additional reports may be provided.

Requesting Exam Scoring Service

Complete the Exam Scoring Request Form (PDF) and return it with the corresponding answer sheets to the Office of the Registrar (LS&A Suite 5000).

Requesting Blank Answer Sheets

Blank University of Michigan Scantron Forms can be ordered using the Answer Sheet Request Form (PDF). Completed request forms can be emailed to ro.examinations@umich.edu.

Exam drop off location:

LS&A Suite 5000
500 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1382

E-mail: ro.examinations@umich.edu

Phone: 734.764.3497

Placement Exams

The Office of the Registrar works with departments across campus to proctor and process placement tests and surveys. Our office ensures that the placement and survey results are processed and loaded in the M-Pathways student system. Our office also assists departments and ITS as they transition from using paper placement exams to using electronic exams.

Currently, our office works with the following departments on campus to administer and process their placement exams and surveys:

Survey Services

The Office of the Registrar is no longer providing survey work for new customers based on a decision by the Provost’s Office. New customers are encouraged to use Qualtrics, provided by the University of Michigan free of charge for creating and administering online surveys. If new paper surveys are required, we suggest finding a contractor outside of the University. Scantron Corporation provides these services for larger jobs. The Office of the Registrar does maintain survey services for existing customers who are making only minor modifications to existing surveys.

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