What's New

Canvas Replaces CTools – Teaching Evaluations are accessible starting fall 2016 term through Canvas at the course level for all courses except for Business School and Med School courses. Students continue to receive emails with links directing them to their Teaching Evaluations dashboard during the evaluation period. In addition, Teaching Evaluations can be accessed from the User Account Settings or Profile pages.

New University Wide Questions – The University of Michigan Office of the Provost has requested that the following core questions be added to every evaluation template:

Text Level Dimension
4 I had a strong desire to take this course. Course Student Motivation
891 As compared with other courses of equal credit, the workload for this course was (SA=Much Lighter, A=Lighter, N=Typical, D=Heavier, SD=Much Heavier). Course Perceived Workload
1631 This course advanced my understanding of the subject matter. Course Self-assessed Learning
1632 My interest in the subject has increased because of this course. Course Impact on Students
1633 I knew what was expected of me in this course. (SA=Almost Always, A=Frequently, N=Sometimes, S=Occasionally, SD=Hardly Ever). Course Course Organization
230 The instructor seemed well prepared for class meetings. (SA=Almost Always, A=Frequently, N=Sometimes, S=Occasionally, SD=Hardly Ever) Instructor Course Organization
199 The instructor explained material clearly. (SA=Almost Always, A=Frequently, N=Sometimes, S=Occasionally, SD=Hardly Ever) Instructor Instructor Clarity
217 The instructor treated students with respect. Instructor Classroom Climate