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Electronic (PDF) Transcript FAQ

  1. What is an electronic (PDF) transcript?
    An Electronic (PDF) Transcript is an electronically delivered official University of Michigan transcript sent securely to the email address of the recipient you designate.
  2. Are PDF transcripts official?
    Yes. PDF transcripts issued by the University of Michigan are considered official documents and are certified by a digital signature and special security characteristics. In addition, each page of the transcript contains the signature of the Registrar and the university seal.
  3. How can the recipient tell that a PDF transcript is authentic?
    All electronic (PDF) transcripts will come directly from the University of Michigan. The recipient will receive an email with secure download instructions. The downloaded transcript contains a Statement of Authenticity that explains the security features of the electronic (PDF) transcript.
  4. Are all students eligible for electronic (PDF) transcript delivery?
    Most students who can log into Wolverine Access and who were enrolled in Fall 1993 or later are eligible to receive electronic (PDF) transcripts. When you login to Wolverine Access and attempt to order transcripts, you will be restricted to “paper only” if your entire record is not electronic.
  5. Who accepts electronic (PDF) transcripts?
    Electronic (PDF) transcript delivery is becoming increasingly common. We suggest that before requesting electronic (PDF) transcript delivery, you should verify that the recipient will accept an electronic transcript.
  6. Are there any system requirements for downloading a PDF transcript?
    The recipient will need the latest version of Adobe® Acrobat or Adobe® Reader. The current version of Adobe® Reader is available free of charge and can be downloaded at http://www.Adobe.com. This information is mentioned in the email notification that is sent to each recipient.
  7. Can I forward a PDF transcript to someone else?
    Each transcript is issued to a specific recipient and is only considered “official” if it is delivered by the University of Michigan to that recipient. The University of Michigan will not certify the authenticity of any electronic (PDF) transcript that has been replicated or forwarded to any person or organization other than the intended recipient.
  8. How do I order an electronic (PDF) official transcript?
    Both electronic (PDF) and paper transcripts can be ordered online through Wolverine Access. The order page allows you to select paper and electronic (PDF) transcripts.
  9. Will I be notified when my electronic (PDF) transcript is sent?
    Yes. You will be notified via email when the recipient has received their download instructions. You will also be notified via email when the recipient has downloaded the transcript.
  10. Will I be notified when the recipient has downloaded my electronic (PDF) transcript?
    Yes. You will be notified via email when the recipient has downloaded the transcript. You will also be notified when the recipient has received their download instructions.
  11. How long does the recipient have to download my electronic (PDF) transcript?
    The recipient has 90 days to download your electronic (PDF) transcript before it expires. Recipients who have not downloaded your PDF transcript receive a reminder email 3 days prior to expiration.
  12. What if the recipient does not receive the email required to download the PDF transcript?
    Please check the Transcript Order Status page in Wolverine Access to verify the order status is “available” and that the recipient email address is correct. You should have also received an email confirmation that contains the email address. You could also suggest that the recipient check their junk mail for the email.
  13. Is there information I can provide to the recipient to explain an electronic (PDF) transcript?
    Electronic (PDF) transcript information for third-party recipients may be found on our website at: http://ro.umich.edu/transcript/electronic.php. Please refer recipients to this site.

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