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Class Fees

Class fees and charges, calculated to cover the costs of materials and supplies consumed, breakage, and other losses, are established by the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer upon recommendation by the appropriate dean or director.

For each term below is a listing of all courses (except for non-credit courses in the Division of Kinesiology U-Move Program) for which Class Fees have been approved and the maximum amount allowable.

If you are charged an amount greater than that indicated for a course, or if you are charged a Class Fee for a course that is not on the list, please notify:

The Office of Tuition and Fees
1210 LSA Bldg.
500 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1382
Phone (734) 615-1572

** Note: Cross-listed courses are designated only by the home department’s subject area and catalog number. **

Class Fees by Term

Request for Approval of Class Fees Form
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