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Last Day to Disenroll for Spring 2020 and Spring-Summer 2020

May 4, Mon

Classes begin (Spring and Spring/Summer Terms)

May 5, Mon

Memorial Day (Holiday)

May 25, Mon

Classes end (Spring Half Term) 5:00 pm

June 22, Mon

Study Days

June 23-24, Tues-Wed


June 25-26, Thur-Fri

Spring Half Term ends

June 26, Fri

Last Day to Disenroll for Summer 2020

Jun 30, Tues

Summer 2020 Classes Begin

July 1, Wed

Independence Day (Holiday)

July 1, Sat

Summer 2020 Classes end 5:00 p.m.

Aug 18, Tues

Study Day

Aug 19, Wed


Aug 20-21, Thur-Fri

Full & Summer Half Terms end

Aug 21, Fri