COVID-19 Winter 2020 Tuition & Fees FAQ

Winter 2020 Tuition & Fees FAQs

Last Update: 4/9/2020

Q1. Will I receive a full or partial refund of my tuition for my Winter 2020 or Spring/Summer 2020 courses? (Updated 4/9/20)

Tuition refunds will not be provided. Tuition and fees will continue to pay for our faculty teaching courses as well as all the associated costs of delivering our educational experience in this COVID-related remote environment. Instructors will be available and delivering content, albeit in an alternative format, and students will be completing their classes, receiving credit and grades, and continuing to work toward their degree requirements at a world-class institution.


Q2. Can I expect to receive a refund of any of my Winter 2020 student fees?

Mandatory fees (Infrastructure Maintenance, Health Services, Registration, Unions and Rec Sports Facility Improvement, Student Government, Student Legal, and International) will not be refunded.

Some of these fees support ongoing resources and operations that are continuing and remain available to students (health services and student legal fees). Several other fees, such as the Infrastructure Maintenance Fee and the Unions and Recreational Sports Facility Improvement Fee, support ongoing physical maintenance and renovation of campus educational and recreational facilities that continue to be necessary during this short-term interruption to on-campus learning.

The only exceptions to this will be for some course, lab, and program fees where there are extenuating circumstances that may warrant a fee refund. Decisions for refunding course, lab, or program fees will be made on a case by case basis by the academic department.


Q3. I am expecting a refund on my housing and my final tuition payment is due before I might get the credit to my account. Can I apply that refund to my tuition payment?

Refunds for room and board will be applied to any charges due on your student account, and any excess, from this credit, will be refunded to you. No late fees will be assessed in April.


Q4. I have circumstances related to COVID-19 that are preventing me from paying my current account balance, which will cause me to have a financial hold. I won’t be able to make that payment before registration begins in April. Can I register for Spring/Summer and Fall 2020?

We will lift holds for past due balances (that have not been transferred to collections) by April 1, 2020. We will not place new financial holds due to past due balances in order to allow registration for the Spring, Spring/Summer, Summer, and Fall 2020 terms.


Q5. My U-M study abroad program was canceled during the Winter term. Will I get a tuition refund?

Similar to on-campus residential courses, the university is making every effort to help you complete your winter study abroad courses through alternative modes of instruction. In most cases, you will be able earn full credit for the semester and stay on track for graduation, so no tuition refunds will be offered.

We understand that there may be programs where some (or all) courses cannot be completed remotely. In these situations, you may be eligible for a prorated tuition refund based on the number of credits that were available remotely. The U-M’s ability to provide refunds will depend on whether your program charged U-M tuition or paid tuition to a host institution or provider organization. For programs that charged U-M tuition, refunds will be issued to your student account. Refunds for programs that were run through an external organization will follow that organization’s refund policies. While we cannot guarantee any particular outcome or result, U-M may be able to assist you in requesting refunds from external organizations. Please contact your U-M study abroad office for more details about your particular program.


Q6. I incurred unanticipated expenses related to my U-M study abroad cancelation. Can I be reimbursed for those expenses?

Reimbursements for unanticipated expenses (e.g. flight change fees) will be based on financial need and the availability of U-M funds. Students currently receiving financial aid should work with their U-M education abroad office and OFA to determine what funding may be available. Students who are not currently receiving financial aid, but face significant financial hardship due to their program cancelation and associated travel home should also contact their U-M education abroad office. In these situations, the university will determine if emergency funds can be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Students who have rented living accommodations abroad are encouraged to communicate directly with their property owners/landlords to inquire about possible refunds for their study abroad housing, with the understanding that refunds may not be allowable under the terms of their respective rental/leasing agreements or arrangements.

All students will receive at least partial refunds for their U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance (GeoBlue). Your U-M education abroad office will facilitate these refunds on your behalf.


Contact Information

Q7: Who do I contact if I have further questions about tuition and fees for the Winter 2020 semester?

Please send any questions to the Office of Registrar at

We will continue to update this page as new questions come in.