In order to register, a student must:

  1. Be eligible to enroll (in a U of M Ann Arbor academic program);
  2. Have an enrollment appointment;
  3. Have access to a supported browser and computer platform.

Enrollment Appointments

Students who are enrolled in a degree seeking program will be issued registration appointments systematically.

Students not enrolled in the upcoming term and those who have been readmitted to a program for the a future term must contact the Office of the Registrar by email at [email protected], or phone 734-647-3507, to request an appointment assignment. If using email, please include name, UM ID number, term, and school or college in which the student wishes to register. 

Other Special circumstances for Enrollment Appointments

  • Non-University of Michigan Study Abroad Programs

    Students in a non-University of Michigan Study Abroad Program can have their current elections added to their credit towards program (CTP) for use in appointment assignment.

    Obtain a letter on the abroad program or abroad university stationery which certifies the following information once the term abroad has begun: 

    1. student name and U-M ID number;
    2. courses and credits enrolled;
    3. begin/end date of term abroad;
    4. signature of the program registrar or comparable program head.

    For appointments for future terms, please have the information sent (U.S. mail, email or fax) to the following address:

    Wolverine Services
    Office of the Registrar
    University of Michigan
    2200 Student Activities Building

    515 E. Jefferson Street
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316

    Email a copy of the document to [email protected].

    Fax the request to 734-763-9053.

  • Newly Admitted Students

    Newly admitted undergraduate students will be issued a registration appointment during the orientation session.

    Newly admitted graduate students will be issued a registration appointment after registration for continuing students has ended. Some graduate programs hold an orientation session during which the students will be issued an appointment. Students should check with the program to see if an orientation session is required.

    Students enrolled in the Law School, Medical School, Dental School DDS program, Ross School of Business Executive MBA program, or the School of Social Work must contact their school advising center for registration information.

Registration Tips & Terms

Get your Backpack ready

Before your enrollment appointment time, you will need to put all of the classes you would like to take into a "Backpack" on Wolverine Access. This process is required in order to register. Select “Student Business,” “Enrollment,” “Enrollment: Add Classes,” and then you’ll be able to begin Backpacking. You can begin using your Backpack as soon as you receive notice of your enrollment appointment and can continue using it until the term's drop/add deadline.

You can place more classes in a backpack than you intend to register for, but will be limited as to how many you can actually enroll in.

NOTE: Placing a class in your Backpack does not enroll you in that class. You still must register for a class to be enrolled in it.

Adding/dropping a class

You can add a class with a Class Status of "Closed" to your Backpack in hope that it could change to "Open" later. Alternatively, a course placed in your Backpack with an open status may change to closed before you register. Make a practice of checking the Class Status column in your Backpack before you attempt to register for a specific class after your registration appointment arrives.

Overriding time conflicts

You may register for two classes offered at the same time by checking the 'Time Conflict is okay' checkbox on the Class Enrollment Preferences page.


If a class requires permission, you need to go to the department or instructor to get approval. The department then enters an electronic permission into the system that allows you to enroll in the class. Once the permission has been entered, you still need to register for the class.


If the class has a waitlist, turn on the "add to waitlist" checkbox on the Enrollment Preferences page when adding it to your Backpack.

Helpful Registration Tools

My Planner

My Planner is an organizational tool in Wolverine Access, which allows you to plan potential courses you may be interested in taking during future terms. You can search for courses using the course catalog and add them to your Planner. They can then be moved into a specific term to provide a guide of how to best schedule your classes to meet your academic goals. Planner can also help simplify the process of searching for and adding classes to your Backpack. When selecting classes to add in Backpack/Registration, there is a link to My Planner so you can access the list of courses you have sorted under the given term or left unassigned.

Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder is a tool available in Atlas. In Schedule Builder, you can search for classes by keyword, see key information about instructors, and toggle through potential scheduling options. You can add and remove courses, block off personal time, and lock classes and times in place as many times as you need until you have built your ideal schedule. Once you have decided on a schedule, you can send the class information to your Backpack.

Student Responsibilities/Fees

Students are expected to adhere to the published deadlines for registration. If you do not register before the first day of the term, you will be charged a late registration fee. Beginning the first day of a term, a $50 late registration fees will be assessed for students who have not yet registered for that term. The late fee is increased by $25 at the beginning of each subsequent month. Exceptions to the late registration fee include:

  • Late admission
  • PhD students registering to defend their dissertation
  • Non-degree seeking students

By registering, you assume full responsibility for any fees incurred. Undergraduate students who have attained 55 or more credits toward program (CTP) will be charged for Upper Division tuition rates.

If you withdraw (drop all classes after the term begins), you will be responsible for a registration/disenrollment fee regardless of the circumstances. If you mistakenly enroll in a class/term, you will still be responsible for the fees.