Ordering Transcripts

Transcripts from the Ann Arbor Campus can be ordered in one of the following ways:

Online through Wolverine Access

Current and many former students with a uniqname and university/Kerberos password can order transcripts online through Wolverine Access.

This option is not available to those who have attachments which must accompany a paper transcript, or who last attended prior to fall 1993.

Submit a Transcript Order form

Mail, email, or fax your Transcript Order Form to:

Transcript and Certification Department
Office of the Registrar
University of Michigan
LS&A Suite 5000
500 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1382

Fax: 734-764-5556

Email: [email protected]

Send a letter to the Transcript and Certification Department

Please include:

  • Complete student name and handwritten signature
  • Student identification number
  • Dates of attendance and the school/unit of enrollment (e.g. LSA or Rackham)
  • Degrees awarded
  • Current mailing address and daytime phone number
  • Names and complete addresses of all recipients
Come to the Office of the Registrar

For students/alumni who cannot use Wolverine Access, or have attachments which must accompany a paper transcript, an order can be placed in person at one of the Wolverine Services locations. Be sure to bring photo identification.

Transcript orders are not accepted by telephone.

Electronic Transcripts (PDF)

Electronic Transcripts (PDF) are FREE. Delivery is within minutes of the request being processed. PDF transcripts are not available for students or alumni who:

  • Last attended prior to fall 1993.
  • Have diacritical marks in their dissertation title.
  • Were enrolled in a Residential College course prior to fall 1996.
  • Last attended the Law School prior to May 2000.
  • Last attended the Medical School prior to 1996.

Requestors will receive an email confirmation when the transcript is available for the recipient to download and another email when the transcript has been downloaded by the recipient.

PDF document delivery is becoming increasingly common across institutions, organizations, and agencies. However, before requesting PDF transcript delivery, please verify that the recipient will accept an electronic transcript. Additionally, it is important that you verify the correct email address for transmission of the transcript.

PDF delivered transcripts are secured by a digital certificate. This certificate insures the recipient of two important details:

  • The transcript has been prepared and delivered by the University of Michigan, Office of the Registrar.
  • The transcript is authentic and has not been altered.
Information for Third Party Recipients

The University of Michigan uses Parchment to securely deliver transcripts in an electronic PDF format. These transcripts are considered official documents and can be validated because they have been digitally signed and certified by the University of Michigan.

Recipients will receive an email from [email protected] with a link to download the document. Transcripts must be downloaded within 30 days of receipt.

Document Validity

All official electronic transcripts from the University of Michigan have been digitally signed and therefore contain special characteristics. When the document is viewed through Adobe Reader using Adobe Acrobat version 6.0 or greater, or Adobe Reader version 6.04 or greater, it will reveal a digital certificate that has been applied to the transcript. This digital certificate will appear in a pop-up screen or status bar on the document, display a blue ribbon, and declare that the document was certified by the University of Michigan with a valid certificate issued by GeoTrust CA for Adobe. This document certification can be validated by clicking on the Signature Properties of the document.

The blue ribbon symbol is assurance that the digital certificate is valid, the document is authentic, and the contents of the transcript have not been altered.

If the transcript does not display a valid certification and signature message, reject the transcript immediately. An invalid digital certificate display means either the digital signature is not authentic, or the document has been altered. The digital signature can also be revoked by the transcript office if there is cause, and digital signatures can expire. A document with an invalid digital signature display should be rejected.

Lastly, one other possible message, Author Unknown, can have two possible meanings: The certificate is a self-signed certificate or has been issued by an unknown or untrusted certificate authority and therefore has not been trusted, or the revocation check could not complete. If this message is received make sure there is a proper connection to the internet. If there is a connection and the digital signature cannot be validated, reject the document.

The current version of Adobe Reader is free of charge, and available for immediate download at adobe.com.

If you require further information regarding the authenticity of this transcript, you may email or call the Transcripts, Certification and Diploma Department at [email protected] or 734-763-9066.

Processing Time

Standard processing for paper transcripts takes two business days and is free of charge. Electronic (PDF) transcript orders are processed within minutes and is free of charge.

Rush Processing and Expedited Shipping Options for Paper Transcripts

Rush Transcript Processing*

$10 per copy
Requests must be received by 12:00 p.m. EST for same day processing. The delivery methods are: postmarked the same day or faxed the same day.

Rush Transcript Processing + Next Business Day Delivery*

$10 per copy + $15 per US Street Address**
$10 per copy + $25 per P.O. Box Address
$10 per copy + $40 per International Address***
Requests must be received by 12 p.m. EST for same day processing.

Standard 2-day Processing + Next Business Day Delivery

$15 per US Street Address**
$40 per International Address***
Transcripts will be sent by overnight delivery after two business days.

**The $15 per US Address option requires a street address.

***International addresses may take 1-3 business days for delivery.

In compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, we cannot accept credit card information sent through email. Any emails or email attachments containing credit card data will be immediately deleted and the order will not be processed. If you are unable to place your request online through Wolverine Access, please fax or mail a request to our office using the printable Rush Transcript Order Form.

Transcripts With Attachments

Paper transcript orders with attachments

Forms and labels for the Liaison Centralized Application Service (CAS) and state licensing boards are the most frequently mailed attachments with paper transcripts.

Currently, the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) is the only CAS application service accepting electronic PDF transcripts from the University of Michigan. A supplemental form is not required when sending an electronic transcript to AMCAS. Students can input their AAMC ID and AAMC Transcript ID numbers into our online transcript ordering system via Wolverine Access and submit their transcripts to AMCAS without uploading the AMCAS matching form. For help, read our detailed instructions for sending eTranscripts to AMCAS.

Students must order a paper transcript and include the applicable matching form for all other application services (LSAC, AACOMAS, PhORCAS, NursingCAS, CASPA, PharmCAS, PTCAS, etc.).

To have a required attachment mailed with a paper transcript, you may either:

  1. Fax or mail the attachment(s) to our office along with a completed Transcript Order Form.
  2. Email the attachment(s) and the completed Transcript Order Form to [email protected].

Electronic transcript (PDF) orders with attachments

For attachments that must accompany an electronic transcript (PDF), upload the file(s) on the Transcript Ordering page through Wolverine Access. There is a 1MB file size limit for each attachment.

Caution: Please do not upload files that contain private personal information (e.g., social security number or credit card information).

Check the Status of Your Transcript Order

Current and many former students with a uniqname and university/Kerberos password may check the status of their transcript order online through Wolverine Access. From the Student Business page, choose Transcript Order Status.

Alumni without an active Wolverine Access account may check the status of a transcript order by calling 734-763-9066.

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