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School of Public Health, Graduate, Full Term, 2021-2022

Graduate and Rackham Tuition
Credits Michigan
1 Michigan Resident: $2,066 Michigan Non-Resident: $3,183
2 Michigan Resident: $3,742 Michigan Non-Resident: $5,976
3 Michigan Resident: $5,418 Michigan Non-Resident: $8,769
4 Michigan Resident: $7,094 Michigan Non-Resident: $11,562
5 Michigan Resident: $8,770 Michigan Non-Resident: $14,355
6 Michigan Resident: $10,446 Michigan Non-Resident: $17,148
7 Michigan Resident: $12,122 Michigan Non-Resident: $19,941
8 Michigan Resident: $13,798 Michigan Non-Resident: $22,743
9+ (Full-Time) Michigan Resident: $15,476 Michigan Non-Resident: $25,530
Candidacy $6,782
Executive Master's Program, Health Management & Policy Tuition
Credits Michigan
1 Michigan Resident: $1,296 Michigan Non-Resident: $2,040
2 Michigan Resident: $2,407 Michigan Non-Resident: $3,895
3 Michigan Resident: $3,518 Michigan Non-Resident: $5,750
4 Michigan Resident: $4,629 Michigan Non-Resident: $7,605
5 Michigan Resident: $5,740 Michigan Non-Resident: $9,460
6 Michigan Resident: $6,851 Michigan Non-Resident: $11,315
7 Michigan Resident: $7,962 Michigan Non-Resident: $13,170
8 Michigan Resident: $9,073 Michigan Non-Resident: $15,025
9+ (Full-Time) Michigan Resident: $10,181 Michigan Non-Resident: $16,883
Distance Learning Tuition
Credits Michigan
1 Michigan Resident: $1,183 Michigan Non-Resident: $1,286
2 Michigan Resident: $2,181 Michigan Non-Resident: $2,387
3 Michigan Resident: $3,179 Michigan Non-Resident: $3,488
4 Michigan Resident: $4,177 Michigan Non-Resident: $4,589
5 Michigan Resident: $5,175 Michigan Non-Resident: $5,690
6 Michigan Resident: $6,173 Michigan Non-Resident: $6,791
7 Michigan Resident: $7,171 Michigan Non-Resident: $7,892
8 Michigan Resident: $8,169 Michigan Non-Resident: $8,993
9 Michigan Resident: $9,167 Michigan Non-Resident: $10,094
10 Michigan Resident: $10,165 Michigan Non-Resident: $11,195
11 Michigan Resident: $11,163 Michigan Non-Resident: $12,296
12 Michigan Resident: $12,161 Michigan Non-Resident: $13,397
For Each Additional Hour Michigan Resident: $998 Michigan Non-Resident: $1,101

Mandatory Fees (Full Term, 2021-2022)

Registration Fee $80.00
Central Student Government (CSG) $9.19
Student Legal Services $8.50
School & College Government $1.50
University Unions & Recreational Sports $65.00
Total $164.19

A student who registers for classes is assessed the following per term: Tuition, Registration Fee, Central Student Government Fee,  Student Legal Services Fee, a School/College Government Fee and a University Unions & Recreational Sports Improvement Fee.

Additionally, a student may be charged a laboratory or other supplemental fee per class. Some programs may have particular fees associated with them, and students should contact their School or College to verify if their program carries additional fees. A Health Service Fee of $205 and an Infrastructure Maintenance Fee of $185 is included in all “Full Time” and “First Credit Hour” tuition amounts.

International Student Fee

This is a fee assessed to enrolled international students with active or initial I-20 or DS-2019 forms each term of enrollment. The fee is $500 in a full term, $250 in the spring or summer half term.

Disenrollment Fees
Students who register and subsequently withdraw after the term begins will be charged a registration and disenrollment fee of $130.
Late Registration Fees
Beginning the first day of the term a $50 late registration fee will be assessed for students who have not previously registered for that term. The late registration fee is increased by $25 at the beginning of each subsequent month.

Tuition and Fees are subject to change without notice by the Regents of the University.

Due to COVID-19 or similar exigent circumstances, published Tuition and Fees apply regardless of the method of instruction, including in the event instruction occurs remotely or in alternative formats for any part of the academic year. In the event non-mandatory fees, like class, lab or program fees, are substantially unconsumed or unutilized due to COVID-19, decisions for refunding such fees will be made on a case by case basis within the School/College.

Tuition rates are based on:

  • Student’s residence classification
  • School/College
  • Class Standing
  • Number of credit hours registered
  • Term

Other Factors Affecting Tuition Rates

  • Dual Enrollment On Two U-M Campuses

    A student electing courses at the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor campus and at another campus of the university (UM-Flint or UM-Dearborn) will pay the appropriate fees at each campus. The only exception is that the student will not be assessed tuition totaling more than the full-time tuition at whichever campus has the higher full-time rate.

  • Enrollment in More than One School/College

    A student enrolled in more than one school/college, or pursuing more than one degree simultaneously, will pay the higher tuition rate for all credits elected.

  • Non-Degree Students

    Non-degree students will be assessed tuition based on their school of enrollment and residency status. Undergraduate non-degree students are assessed Upper Division tuition rates. Currently enrolled Michigan high school students are assessed at the Lower Division rate.

  • Over Time

    Undergraduate students enrolled beyond full time ( over 18 credit hours in the full-term, over 9 credit hours in the half-term), will be assessed the Part-Time Additional Hour rate (or fraction thereof) for each additional credit hour. There are no additional fees for graduate or professional students enrolled beyond full time.

  • Reduced Fees for Persons Sixty-five and Over

    Persons sixty-five years of age or older are granted the privilege of enrolling in any University course or program for which they are properly qualified, on payment of a fee equal to 50 percent of the announced fee for such course or program exclusive of laboratory fees and other special charges, with the understanding that the University reserves the right to determine in each case the appropriateness of the election.

  • Retroactive Changes Impacting Tuition

    Retroactive changes to a student’s academic record may result in retroactive charges to a student’s tuition. This may include changes in enrollment, transfer course credit, test credit such as AP, cross-campus transfers, concentration or major declarations, late grade postings, or any other changes which would impact tuition.

  • Undergraduate CTP: Credit Toward Program

    Tuition is based not on years of attendance, but on the total number of credit hours a student earns either through testing, transfer credit from another institution, or credit earned here at the University of Michigan. Once a student attains 55 CTP or more, they are automatically assessed at the Upper Division tuition rate.

Student Fees and Fee Regulations Bulletins