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Degree Audit

PDF icon My Academic Requirements and Degree Audit Report (pdf) Field Descriptions
Provides a high-level overview of the Degree Audit Report.

Degree Audit Forms

Use these forms to communicate to the Registrar’s Office changes to program requirements, course list updates, and new program requirements for purposes of maintaining student academic advisement online degree audits.

Policies for changing/updating coded degree audit requirements:

  1. Changes to a program's degree audit may only be submitted to the RO Degree Audit Department by the designated School/College Authorizer. If you do not know who your school's/college's designated Authorizer is, contact ro.audit.staff@umich.edu
  2. Requested changes to degree audit must reflect program changes that have already met with curriculum committee approval.
  3. Interpretation of a program requirements or policies must reflect curriculum committee intention, be commonly understood by all parties involved with the program, and be verified by School/College Authorizer.

To submit forms:

  1. Download blank forms from the links below.
  2. Complete forms, providing ALL requested information. Refer to degree audit summary documents (see below) and/or degree audit reports (academic advising reports) for Requirement Code (RQ ___) and Requirement Description.
  3. Forward form to School/College Authorizer for approval.
  4. Authorizer saves form as a pdf and sends to ro.audit.staff@umich.edu as an e-mail attachment

Degree Requirement Outlines

outlineO = outline PDF
summaryS = summary PDF

By School or College