Undergraduate Dual Degree Programs

Undergraduate Dual Degree Programs

Any undergraduate student who wishes to consider the possibility of earning two degrees, one from one school or college on the UM-Ann Arbor campus and the other from another school or college on the UM-Ann Arbor campus, should carefully review the requirements and policies of both units and plan a program which meets the criteria for both.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The student must meet with their current program advisor prior to submitting the application to add a degree.
  • The student must obtain approval from both units; many units require admission prior to consideration for a dual degree.
  • Each school or college in a dual program may set its own policies and procedures for admission or declaring the dual degree.
  • The student must complete the Undergraduate Dual Degree Approval Form and obtain a signature of approval from the authorized signers in each program.
  • The student may register in only one school or college; this will be known as the home unit.
  • The student is governed by the academic rules and policies of the home unit, including registration deadlines.
  • The student may change their home unit designation only one time in their time as an undergraduate student.


Check with the schools and colleges on specific deadlines for admission (if required) or for submission of the form.


Process for Current UM-Ann Arbor Undergraduate Students and Home Units


  • Discuss your plans with both program/major advisors prior to seeking signatures on this form. Be prepared to discuss the rationale for pursuing two degrees.
  • In determining your home unit, consider impact on tuition, transfer credit, and eligibility for financial or other awards afforded to students in your units.
  • Obtain signatures from each program/major advisor and the designated representative for each school/college. These signatures signify approval for the proposed programs.

Please note that some schools and colleges may only require one signature; others require both.

Home units

  • Determine the effective term for the dual degree program and indicate that on the form according to internal policies.
  • Submit the completed form with all required signatures to the Registrar’s Office ([email protected]).
  • Registrar’s Office: Create the dual degree program for the student in Wolverine Access and re-register any current or future courses in the home unit if the student was registered under the previous unit. This process will take five to seven business days.
  • Home unit: Initiate transfer credit changes with the office responsible for posting transfer credit for their school or college.