Registration Changes

Schools and colleges should use these forms to submit approved registration changes.

Election Change Requests

Prior to the drop/add deadline (check the Academic Calendar for dates), students can add, drop, swap, and edit their course elections through Wolverine Access.

After the drop/add deadline, students may request changes to most course elections via Wolverine Access by requesting a Late Add, Late Drop, Late Swap, or Late Edit through Wolverine Access.* For those elections that cannot be requested through Wolverine Access, schools and colleges may submit approved changes through the Election Change Request form for processing by the Registrar’s Office.

*Available transactions and dates by which requests must be entered by the student are set by the student's school or college.

Term Withdrawals

Prior to the first day of the term (check the Academic Calendar for dates), students can disenroll from the term (drop all courses with no record and cancel term tuition and fees) by contacting Wolverine Services. Students cannot withdraw from a term through Wolverine Access. They must email Wolverine Services prior to the first day of the term.

Once the term has begun, generally students must contact their school/college to obtain a Term Withdrawal Notice. (Exception: Rackham students must contact their department to do so.) Staff authorized to approve term withdrawals may use the Term Withdrawal form to submit the notice to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

For more information on Term Withdrawals, see this article.