Teaching Evaluations

Key Dates

Key Dates for the Fall 2018 End-of-Term Evaluations

Sep 4 – Oct 18 – Departments order evaluations

Oct 19 – Nov 23 – Instructors preview evaluations and optionally add

Nov 29 – Dec 12 – Students take evaluations

End of Dec – Reports available to instructors

Key Dates for the Spring-Summer and Summer 2018 Evaluations

July 11 - July 20 – Departments order evaluations

July 24 - August 1 – Instructors preview evaluations and optionally add questions

August 3 - August 15 – Students take evaluations

End of August – Reports available to instructors

New Teaching Evaluation System

Starting in Spring 2018 the University is transitioning to a new Teaching Evaluation system called Blue. Instructors and staff will use Blue to set up evaluations and view reports. Students can access evaluations either in Blue or through Canvas.

Ordering Evaluations

Department staff can start ordering evaluations after the drop/add deadline for the term.  Staff will receive an email directing them to Blue, where they will find a list of the courses offered by their department(s).

Contact ro.evaluations@umich.edu with any requests for new questions, new templates, or changes to existing templates. The Office of the Registrar’s Evaluation team will make the changes for you. Information to include in the email:

  • Subject or Academic Org code
  • Template Number (for changes) or indicate if it is a new template
  • Description of the change
  • Your contact information (email and phone number)

When core templates need creating or modifications, instructors working with their evaluation coordinators can design their core evaluation templates by selecting the questions from our Question Catalog. A maximum of 12 questions can be added to the template.

New staff should work with their Unit Liaison to request the role SR EVALUATION ORDER USER and appropriate academic org secondary security in the Online Access Request System (OARS). 

Instructors will receive an email from Blue inviting them to preview their evaluation and optionally add up to three custom multiple choice questions and two open-ended questions. 


Reports for any evaluations taken in Spring 2018 or later will be in Blue.  Evaluations from Winter 2009 through Winter 2018 will be in Faculty Center. 

Instructors and department staff will receive an email from Blue when reports are ready. There are four standard reports:

  • Instructor with Comments Report - a combined summary report that includes both quantitative ratings and student comments;
  • Instructor Report - a summary that tabulates all quantitative ratings on a single page;
  • Individual Response Report - a detailed report that displays individual student ratings and comments.
  • Graphical Response Report – a summary report that displays results in a graphical format

Improving Teaching — Strategies and Resources

Resources to assist you with interpreting or making use of your results:

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) – Faculty Consultations
Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) – Teaching Strategies & Resources

Contact Information

Office of the Registrar – Evaluations
LS&A Suite 5000
500 South State Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1382