Teaching Evaluations

Blue Teaching Evaluation System

In spring 2018, the university transitioned to the Blue Teaching Evaluation System (Blue). Instructors and staff will use Blue to order evaluations and view the reports. Students can access evaluations either in Blue or through Canvas.

Evaluation Set-up

Every questionnaire has the eight university-wide core questions. Departments can add up to 12 additional questions. Each instructor can add up to five of their own questions. While instructors have access to view the department and university-wide questions, they cannot remove them from the questionnaire. If a department chooses to have fewer than 12 questions, the system is not able to compensate with additional instructor-added questions.

  • Evaluation Outline
    Evaluation Outline
    New university-wide core questions
    • This course advanced my understanding of the subject matter. Q1631*
    • My interest in the subject has increased because of this course. Q1632
    • I knew what was expected of me in this course. Q1633
    • I had a strong desire to take this course. Q4
    • As compared with other courses of equal credit, the workload for this course was (Much Lighter, Lighter, Typical, Heavier, Much Heavier). Q891
    • The instructor seemed well prepared for class meetings. Q230
    • The instructor explained material clearly. Q199
    • The instructor treated students with respect. Q217

    8 (Mandatory)

    Department-selected Questions Questions can be selected from the question catalog. Any combination of quantitative (ranking) questions and qualitative (comment) questions is allowed.
    Email [email protected] with requests for new questions or templates.

    12 (Optional)
    Instructor-added Questions Instructors have the choice of entering existing questions from our catalog or creating their own questions.**
    They can add up to three quantitative questions and up to two qualitative questions.

    5 (Optional)
        Maximum allowable questions: 25

    * Question #3, "I learned a great deal from this course.", was replaced by Q1631.

    ** The questions being added by instructors do not copy over from term to term. They have to be reentered.


Reports for any evaluations taken in spring 2018 or later will be in Blue. Instructors can pull their evaluations from winter 2009 through winter 2018 from MPathways, Faculty Business. Department administrators will pull those evaluations from their Student Administration, MPathways. The data warehouse has been updated with Blue teaching evaluation information as well as the evaluation results from CTools. Reports prior to winter 2009 are available by request only, please email our office for these.

For Additional Information

Office of the Registrar – Evaluations
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 734-763-2622