Course Approval Request Form (CARF)*
For non-LSA courses cross-listing with an LSA course::

  • Graduate-only level courses should use this CARF and submit it directly to the Registrar’s Office at [email protected]
  • Undergraduate level courses, including grad/undergrad courses, must be approved by the LSA Curriculum Committee. Please use this CARF and send a signed PDF copy to [email protected].
  • For LSA Curriculum Committee resources for non-LSA units, visit the LSA website.

*Before opening, Safari users will need to manually remove the .txt extension from the downloaded file so that the file name reads as "CARF.dotx".

Final Exam Request Form
The purpose of this form is to request additional seating or to request alternate dates or times for final exams. Final examinations scheduled for one date and time within the Final Examination Period may not be moved to another date without prior approval of the Office of the Registrar. No allowance is made and no approval is given for final examinations prior to the Final Examination Schedule. For more information, please visit our Final Exams webpage.

Meet Together Request Form (Single)
This form allows you to submit meet-together requests one at a time and is intended for units participating in only a few meet-together classes.

Meet Together Request Form (Spreadsheet Template)
For several meet-togethers, we recommend a spreadsheet to capture all of the necessary information. Please follow this template.