Data Reports

Data Warehouse

Blue teaching evaluation data has been incorporated into the U-M Data Warehouse (DW). Users with appropriate access to the SA03 Student Records data universe should now be able to access Blue teaching evaluations data from the spring of 2018 forward. Four UM-maintained queries have been developed to assist users with the retrieval of this data. Users will now have the ability to pull teaching evaluation data spanning both the Blue and legacy teaching evaluation datasets from one common set of source tables. Please note, midterm and comment questions are not included in the warehouse.

The data warehouse is updated from Blue once all evaluations for a particular cycle have been completed and integration testing has occurred. With this in mind, please allow two to three weeks for processing before pulling data from the most recently completed cycle.

Business Objects Navigation:

Folders > UM-Maintained > SA 03 Student Records

UM-Maintained Queries:

  • SA03 StuRec Teaching Evals by Dept Id
  • SA03 StuRec Teaching Evals by Instructor
  • SA03 StuRec Teaching Evals by Subject
  • SA03 StuRec Teaching Evals UM & School Wide Medians


The default Business Object join between the CLASS_TBL and EVAL_DTLQ tables is a left outer join on the CLASS_TBL.