Information for Students


Spring & Summer 2019

Spring Courses Feedback
Students fill out evaluations: June 12 - June 26

Summer Courses Feedback
Students fill out evaluations: Aug. 2 – Aug. 16 

The above dates are guidelines that most evaluations follow.

Tips for Providing Useful Feedback

Instructors often find that constructive written comments are valuable. To help your instructors get the most out of your written feedback, please keep the following in mind:

Your instructor is your primary audience for written feedback, and your goal is to help them understand the instructional choices that worked well and less well for your learning. Your feedback can valuably influence the ways they teach this course and others in the future.

Specific constructive suggestions that focus on your learning are far more useful than general critiques. It is most helpful to provide feedback that helps instructors understand how their instructional choices facilitated or hindered your learning. Both positive and negative feedback is most helpful when very specific.

Comments that are not related to your learning diminish the value of your feedback. For example, it is not helpful to comment upon an instructor’s appearance or to include personal insults in your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions